MichelAndy Townsend
Michel Andy Townsend - Assisted Texas A & M to the Finals

Michel Andy Townsend, Football Coach, Assisted Texas A & M to the Finals in One of His Greatest Career Highlights

 As one of the United States’ most hallowed pass times and respected sports, it’s no wonder football is also one of the most competitive. Not only can sparks fly on the field, but it takes a significant degree of talent, perseverance, and passion to make it to the big leagues, with so many exceptional players and teams vying for titles. In 2013, Andy Townsend proved he, the rest of the coaching staff, and his team have what it takes. The West Texas A & M Buffaloes to the regional finals was one of Andy Townsend’s greatest accomplishments.

Michael Andy Townsend
Michael Andy Townsend

Over the past fourteen years, Michel Andy Townsend, football coach, has proven himself time and again to be one of the sports’ most dedicated supporters and leaders. Texas A & M Commerce’s finals play was one of his proudest moments.

A seasoned football coach, Andy Townsend and the rest of the coaching staff stood strong with their men through highs and lows, supporting them through thick and thin.

Michel Andy Townsend graduated with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from East Texas Baptist University and a master’s degree in coaching from Greenville University. Prior to his position with Texas A & M, he coached the Navarro Bulldogs, another national championship team.

Like any great coach, he walked a mile in his players’ shoes before taking the helm. He was part of the inaugural football class at ETBU in 2000, graduating in 2004. But his passion for football he recalls having since childhood.

Michel Andy Townsend’s resume is peppered with accomplishments and titles, including Associate Head Coach, Director of Football Operations, Offensive Line Coach, Defensive Line Coach, and Tight Ends Coach.

Andy Townsend football coach has mentored multiple players who have gone to play in the NFL. Names include DJ Hayden, Ethan Westbrook, Dustin Vaughan, Craig Watts, Luis Perez, and Michael Onuoha.

Michael Andy Townsend

Inspired by his work at Texas A & M and the tremendous success of the team, he also founded the Lone Star Pro Day, which provides small regional schools the opportunity to showcase their players’ talents to NFL representatives.

Learn more about Michel Andy Townsend or connect with him via LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/andy-townsend-75b60563/.

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